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'Tis the Giving Season For Local Business Association

DENVER—For the students of Swansea Elementary School and Garden Place Academy in north Denver, this holiday season is looking especially bright thanks to the generosity of the Elyria-Swansea Globeville Business Association (ESGBA) following their donation of 56 new laptops to these schools.

This donation of 56 brand new Samsung Chromebook 3 computers, valued at $11,760 will bring much need tech to many underserved youths in the Elyria-Swansea and Globeville neighborhoods as Gilberto Muñoz, Principal at Swansea Elementary, explains.

“Many of our students only have access to computers or regular internet service while at school,” he said. “[This gift] will allow all of our students to have more regular access to technology right in their own classrooms.”

The ESGBA board, comprised of 13 business and property owners throughout Elyria-Swansea and Globeville, unanimously voted earlier this year to donate to the area’s elementary schools after seeing the potential for widespread impact that laptops could bring.

“Access to technology is the great equalizer,” said David Doyle, a technology teacher at Swansea Elementary. “These Chromebooks will give our students the ability to see the world without having to leave the classroom.”

Access to technology is the great equalizer, these Chromebooks will give our students the ability to see the world without having to leave the classroom.
— David Doyle, Swansea Elementary Technology Teacher

In recent years, the Colorado Measures of Academic Success, or CMAS tests, implemented more technology focused standards for students throughout the state, leaving many public schools without ready access to such tech at a disadvantage. The ESGBA donations will reduce these barriers to success by allowing young students to hone their research, typing, digital publishing, and overall computer skills, according to Muñoz.

“There are no words to adequately express my gratitude,” said Rebecca Salomon, Principal at Garden Place Academy. “Our students and families are going to be so thankful to hear how the ESGBA supported their children in such a way.”

Through the support of Muñoz, Doyle, Salomon as well as Andrea Renteria, Assistant Principal at Garden Place Academy; Eric Atonna, Assistant Principal at Swansea Elementary; Kenia Abeyta, School-Family-Community Liaison at Swansea Elementary; Adam Smith, Tech Teacher at Garden Place Academy; and Lisa Flores with the DPS Board of Education for District 5, the students in north Denver will be on the road to success in the new year.

“Technology provides students a window to other places in the world and a way to experience the stories of other people,” said Doyle. “This donation will enable our students to interact with a 21st century world.”



About the ESGBA

The Elyria-Swansea Globeville Business Association is a membership-based organization serving as the voice of north Denver and the Elyria-Swansea and Globeville residents and businesses. The ESGBA engages in community outreach, advocacy, and empowerment, with the needs of the community driving the conversation and action of this organization. The ESGBA board is comprised of 13 representatives of local businesses and properties. Board members include Larry Burgess of Catalyst, Louis Thomas of Nestle/Purina, Mickey Zeppelin of Zeppelin Development, Dorothy Martin of Eaton Metal Products Co., Joseph Huff of Colorado Serum Co., Ron Rohr of National Western Stock Show, Teresa Immel of Colorado Tire Recycling, Jeff Popiel of Geotech Environmental Equipment, Fr Kyrill Williams of Holy Transfiguration of Christ Orthodox Church, Shawn Early of Pepsi Beverages, Alex Barela of Owens Corning, Jason Winkler of Industry, and Board President, Cliff Lind.

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