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Free, Last-Mile Shuttle Connection to RTD A-Line

Northeast Transportation Connections (NETC) offers a free last-mile shuttle connection to RTD’s A-Line at the 40th and Colorado transit station.  Businesses and their employees working in the north York/Josephine corridor are invited to use the service.  NETC’s first pickup is at 5:43 AM, Monday through Friday, and continues to 9:30 AM.  Service resumes in the afternoon from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM. The shuttle is a reliable way for employees to link their commute to the A-Line to better fly past traffic congestion on I-70. For a limited time, NETC is also offering a free, 10-ticket RTD booklet to try transit.  Please contact NETC for more information at Business@NETransportation.org or call 720-260-0503. 

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