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$50,000 needed for Garden Place Academy's innovative "Learning Landscape"

It’s a crisp fall day as I tour Globeville’s Garden Place Academy with Armando Payan, a nearly life-long community resident who’s enthusiastically giving me the highlights of the evolving “Learning Landscape.” It’s a massive and much-needed project for the 113-year-old elementary school that began with a schoolyard redevelopment plan and includes a community nutrition center, an outdoor classroom, an irrigated garden, streetscaping upgrades such as trees and new perimeter fencing, and more.

Armando’s been involved since the beginning and is the hands-on chair of the Garden Place Academy Advocates (GPAA) and a proud parent of 6- and 7-year-old daughters who attend the school. The Big Sandbox, a Denver non-profit that envisions a higher use for schoolyards and parks, has also united with the GPAA in their friend- and fund-raising efforts. 

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