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Member Meetings for 2019

Members of the ESGBA are invited to attend Members' Meetings to meet others who live and work in the neighborhood and get the scoop on community happenings.  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 27, from 9-10:30am.

The remaining 2019 meetings will be held on:

  • Thursday, August 22, 9-10:30am

  • Thursday, October 24, 9-10:30am

  • December social, date TBD

Unless otherwise listed, all meetings will be held at the National Western Complex on the 3rd floor of the EXPO Hall (Centennial Room), located at 4655 Humboldt Street, Denver, CO 80216.  Feel free to come from 8:30-9am and socialize over coffee and light fare; meetings will begin at 9am.  

062719 Agenda.jpg

plan adoption: stadium district master plan

June 17.jpg

hearing: Cabaret License at 3463 larimer street

June 19.JPG

hearing: Appeal of a denial at 3299 Brighton boulevard

June 25.1.jpg
June 25.2.jpg

hearing: text amendment for former chapter 59

June 25.jpg

hearing: Retail Liquor License at 5106 washington street

July 12.jpg
July 12.1.jpg
July 12.2.jpg

hearing (to be scheduled): Retail Liquor & Cabaret License at 4242 Wynkoop street

Mission Ballroom Application-1.jpg
Mission Ballroom Application-3.jpg
Mission Ballroom Application-4.jpg
Mission Ballroom Application-6.jpg
Mission Ballroom Application-7.jpg

hearing (to be scheduled): text amendments for four new zone districts (national western center)


hearing (to be scheduled): zoning change for 4225 elati street


hearing (to be scheduled): zoning change for 3333 & 3395 brighton boulevard


hearing (to be scheduled): zoning change for 3900 & 3958 elati street


Notice: Application for Liquor and Cabaret License for larimer hall corp, 2200 Larimer Street


Notice: Application for Liquor License for honey elixir lounge, 2636 walnut Street

Honey Exlixir Application-1.jpg
Honey Exlixir Application-3.jpg
Honey Exlixir Application-4.jpg
Honey Exlixir Application-5.jpg
Honey Exlixir Application-6.jpg